The key drivers for companies to utilize cloud solutions are:

  • agility - short time-to-value and increased ability to adapt changes
  • cost - reduced cost to implement and to operate
  • quality - improved user and customer acceptance through ease of use and reduced cycle times through more agile solutions

While many companies have met a very specific need with cloud solutions, for example implementing a solution within a very short time window or significantly reducing operations cost to meet budget, some companies have successfully undertaken very ambitious projects that delivered a tremendous amount of benefits across multiple improvement drivers:

Government agency implementing full-scale Financials & Human Resources solution

A government agency with more than 8,000 employees needed to replace their collection of on-premise applications with a single, integrated solutions to achieve greater transparency across the different departments and significantly reduce the cost of operations to meet their budget constraints. The solution replacement had to be achieved in less than six months - a cloud solution was the only way to achieve the desired outcome, within the allotted time and with strong adoption by the government employees.

The implementation covered full financials, purchasing, projects, time management, human resources and payroll in a fully integrated fashion. The first phase was completed in less than 5 months, with subsequent roll-outs following shortly after, meeting the tight deadline. The successful completion of the project resulted in the ongoing roll-out to additional employees.

Consumer electronics company enables high growth through end-to-end cloud solution

A small consumer electronics company was growing at a tremendous rate - and had ambitious further growth plans, with sales growing at high double rates each year. To enable smooth, sustained growth the company was looking to leverage an end-to-end enterprise solution that came at a “start-up” price, but could support the growth for many years, did not require the build-up of IT capabilities and was easy to use for the young employee base.

In stages, the company implemented full financials, sales, procurement and supply chain management, providing them with a low-cost, easy to use cloud solution that was adapted over and over, as the company continue to grow quickly.

Education provider realizes full potential of its people through cloud employee management

A young organization in higher education had no legacy systems to manage their HR processes across the different units in four countries. It was looking for a way to manage their 10,000 employees in a strategic way, prepare for more growth and offer value to its employees at the same time.

To achieve these objectives quickly and cost effectively, they implemented a cloud solution to manage recruiting, talent management, compensation, learning and analytics. The solution found very high rates of adoption by employees and managers through the intuitive usability. It turned an evaluation process into a value-added talent management process for all parties and enabled the management to make strategic decisions with better insights.