Nubo Services Corp. is dedicated to getting more out of the cloud - for companies of all sizes, entrepreneurs and individuals and for education purposes. We focus on transforming your business by leveraging cloud technology, getting you there fast and delivering a solution users will love - not just accept or adopt.

Many companies can help to select solutions, implement software or build new solutions using the latest technology - but it takes a different mindset to transform what you are doing, finishing faster than ever and delivering exciting outcomes.

Nubo Services will provide that mindset to change your organization.


Rupert Kaufmann is the President of Nubo Services Corp.

Most recently, Rupert was responsible for Cloud Consulting Services globally at SAP. He provided leadership from the inception of the cloud team at SAP, including portfolio management, go-to-market, sales, delivery and operations, with staff in 14 countries. He was responsible for the delivery of cloud consulting services to hundreds of SAP customers around the world, helping them transform their business, delighting their users and delivering results faster than previously thought possible.

Previously, Rupert was responsible for worldwide professional services at TRADOS, a leader in language technology and early provider of cloud based technology. He led consulting, system integration, technical support, hosting and localization/project management with staff in 6 countries.

He also held a position as Vice President for consulting services at Sapient and spent 10 years with Ernst & Young Consulting, leading various practices and large-scale business consulting and system integration projects.

Rupert is bringing more than 20 years of experience in software, business consulting and system integration to the business. He has served clients of all sized from around the world and has lived in Europe, North America and Asia. He has a track-record of helping companies transform and delight!


Nubo Services currently provides business cloud services to corporations. In the future, we will also provide services and solutions to entrepreneurs, for individuals and education.

Our cloud for business services focus on assistance to business and technology management in establishing their corporate cloud roadmap, realize tangible business benefits and enable the organization to continuously improve the business through the use of cloud solutions.


Cloud Services are by nature virtual and globally distributed and that is how Nubo Services provides its services: Teams will be assembled on-site or remotely, part-time as needed from individual industry, business and technology experts within the cloud ecosystem.

We work closely with the leading providers of cloud solutions and services for these solutions, based on the professional network established over decades in the industry.

The Corporation

Nubo Services Corp. is incorporated in the Wisconsin, United States of America, falling under the jurisdiction of the state of Wisconsin and the United States of America. As a true cloud company, we are wherever our clients are, and are engaging with our clients on site or remotely as appropriate.

All of our own systems are cloud based and all formal transactions are executed electronically.

Stay in touch

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