Regus Businessworld – Office Space for the Cloud Worker?

The more the knowledge workers detach themselves from servers and hardwired IT infrastructure, the more working outside the formal office location becomes an option and legions of laptop-toting techies at coffee shops or telecommuting from home are a growing trend. But a hissing espresso machine or barking dog in the background don’t make the most professional impression on a conference call or the best environment for deep thinking. What are the alternatives for the technology professional on the go?

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salesforce 1Platform – throw down in the cloud platform wars?

All the major cloud solution providers seem to agree that offering a cloud application platform is a key differentiator for customers implementing cloud solutions, with salesforce pushing, SAP offering the HANA Cloud Platform and NetSuite offering their cloud platform as well. What is the recently launched salesforce 1 Platform bringing to the table?

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Online Education – time to try it out at!

Was one of your new years resolutions to learn something new? Maybe add some job related skills? Or get deeper into your hobby? Have you always wanted to give back to your community, based on what you have learned in a life-long career or a long-term hobby you are passionate about? Now,  you can do either one online, easily and at your pace! This post gives an introduction to one (of many) online options:!

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salesforce Service Cloud – why does it matter?

According to Gartner, 75% of customer interactions are with customer service. If I take my own, recent experiences with customer service departments of various companies, a lot of them are not great, seriously not helping customer satisfaction. What is salesforce’ Service Cloud providing to make those interactions count?

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salesforce Sales Cloud – What’s really new?

The “Sales Cloud” has been salesforce’ core product for years and driven their success and reputation. And it is recognized as such: Gartner has identified salesforce as the magic quadrant leader for years! Salesforce is quite confident as well, leading with sales improvement metrics, like 38% pipe growth, 45% forecast accuracy and 36% increased sales productivity using Sales Cloud. While I generally don’t trust any statistics I didn’t calculate myself, they do present the confidence of a market leader, similar to Siebel many years ago or SAP for the ERP space. But what’s truly new about Sales Cloud this year? Continue reading

Impressions and Surprises from the Dreamforce Kick-off

This was my first Dreamforce convention after countless software conventions over the years and Mark Benioff surprised and impressed me in his keynote with focus on charitable giving, cool new technology, vast expansion of their addressable market and (gasp!) the introduction of a private cloud offering!
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